The work of St. Joseph Medical Fund does not just end with giving medical assistance to patients who are in need of cardiac care. Rather, the organization also recognizes the value of an education, and how so many medical students in developing countries can greatly benefit from it.

There are many medical students who have the potential to succeed in the field, and to make a difference in the lives of others as well. However, not all nations have the required funding and resources to support the educational needs of these students, among the problems being lack of books, materials, financial aid, and others. St. Joseph Medical Fund realizes this priority, and establishes ways to let the minds of young men and women can be enriched.

Through technology, such as computers and the internet, many students can now access information to help them study and learn, and ultimately complete their medical degrees. St. Joseph Medical Fund hopes to establish learning centers with the needed computer equipment and web access for schools in developing countries. Given the right aids through technological innovations, the medical students of today have a brighter future ahead of them, so that they can also give hope for others.

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