Free Medical Drug Asistance

In America, there are many people who are unable to get help for their disease because they can’t afford the medicine, and live on their lives knowing that they will lead a shorter life.  Simply because the medicine was not available for them.

How can this be prevented? Such thing can be prevented through offering medicine to everyone. If prevention for certain diseases is available, why aren’t we sharing the vaccine’s?  Regardless of anyone’s wealth, they should be able to have the medicine that they need to survive.

Why Is this important? Think about it like this.  You are a diabetic.  You have low blood sugar.  But, you cannot get the medicines that you need.  How can you survive?  How can you live your day to day life?  Simple.  You can’t.  That is how it’s like for millions of American’s that can’t get their medicine.  People that need certain medication to live from day to day cannot get it simply because they lack the funds.

How will this work? Well, with a prescription from a doctor, we will be able to get the medicine that you need.  After filing your prescription, we’ll be able to get you your medicine.

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