The spirit of volunteerism can never be equaled. The men and women working with the St. Joseph Medical Fund have devoted their time, effort, and their skill to extend medical aid to cardiac patients in developing countries around the world. This group believes in long-term and locally-based medical assistance, rather than a one time opportunity to help patients with heart disease. Because these volunteer doctors, nurses, and technicians are away from their homes, the organization ensures that they are given the support and assistance they need.

In what ways are these volunteers and medical professionals supported by the St. Joseph Medical Fund? The volunteers are provided with amenities such as meals and lodging, as well as transportation to take them to and from sites. Also, this training gives them the chance to teach as well as learn through new and first-hand experience about medical missions in underprivileged communities. In addition to the lodging provided, these professionals are also supplied with the necessary medical tools, equipment, and facilities to allow them to accomplish their work more effectively. Examples of these facilities are the medical library, laboratory, computers, and others.

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