Post Treatment

Through the several program components of the St. Joseph Medical Fund, treatments for persons with cardiovascular disease have become a reality. Communities in developing countries are granted medical aid to help prevent and treat heart conditions, thanks to the volunteers of the group. However, there are a lot of patients who will require extra help and attention, especially after major treatments or cardiac surgery. St. Joseph Medical Fund understands the special needs of such patients, which is why post-treatment programs are also prioritized by the organization.

After leaving the hospital upon discharge, patients still need to be followed up and monitored by medical professionals, such as the volunteers from St. Joseph Medical Fund. Post treatments are necessary to ensure that medications are properly administered, there are no side effects following the treatments, and that the patients are generally safe and free from added risk. This is especially true for older cardiac patients, who need to be closely checked and taken care of. St. Joseph Medical Fund has the facilities to support the post-treatment of patients who live in the depressed communities among developing nations.

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