Our Programs

As a general overview, St. Joseph Medical Fund, Inc. conducts the following programs:

Facilitation of medical care for patients with cardiac diseases, and the provision of medical resources for these residents of underprivileged nations.

To deliver comprehensive health care for cardiac patients who have no money and who are uninsured.

To encourage teaching and learning for physicians and residents of cardiology, including a field of practice, medical library of resources, as well as board and lodging.

The following are the specific program components of St. Joseph Medical Fund

Cardiopulmonary care – This comprehensive healthcare is provided to residents of underprivileged areas. Included within this are services for treatment, management, prevention, and rehabilitation for individuals who have lung and heart diseases, especially in developing nations.

Non-Invasive Cardiac – Development of treatment plans with highly accurate diagnoses, specifically through cardiac ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

Professionals – St. Joseph Medical Fund provides amenities such as board, lodging, and transportation for medical professionals under the practice of cardiology. Through an atmosphere of teaching and learning as well as on-site training, volunteer nurses, technicians, and doctors help the organization lay the foundation for locally-based, long-term, and self-sustaining care for patients in developing countries.

Medical Library – Through this facility, patients, physicians, visitors, and employees have access to free health and medical information five days a week. The library provides internet usage, scientific journals, medical reference books, and literature on numerous health topics.

Laboratory – With computerized diagnostic equipment, the laboratory services provide accurate and rapid results for physicians as well as support the work of volunteers during medical missions.

Post treatment – St. Joseph Medical Fund also provides further assistance to underprivileged cardiac patients even upon leaving the hospital.

Technology – Through modern innovations in computers and communications, the organization aims to build internet centers to guide medical students in developing countries.

Free Annual Medical Check up – Included in the medical missions of St. Joseph Medical Fund are annual clinical check up and diagnostics for patients in depressed areas and developing countries.   And people without money or medical insurance.

A Robe for Joseph – A non-profit program from St. Joseph Medical Fund whose mission is to collect used clothing and to distribute them to the underprivileged.

Help-A-Neighbor program – This program encourages volunteers to make restricted and deductible donations to support poor communities

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