Non-Invasive Cardiac

Non-Invasive Cardiac — develops a highly accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, including nuclear medicine and cardiac ultrasound.

There are several symptoms that one needs to be mindful of to know if a heart condition or ailment is present. These are tell-tale signs that inform you that you need to see a cardiologist right away, so you can get the needed treatment. Because there are many people suffering from cardiovascular diseases worldwide, the St. Joseph Medical Fund reaches out to them to make treatments and cures a reality.

For physicians and cardiologists to diagnose a certain heart condition, there are several clinical examinations and laboratory tests that may be done on the patient. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are now non-invasive methods used to determine that status of a cardiac patient. Through innovations such as nuclear medicine and the cardiac ultrasound, there is no need for incisions or sutures, and doctors can accurately diagnose a heart condition.

Through the efforts of the St. Joseph Medical Fund, non-invasive diagnosis is now made available even to cardiac patients in developing countries, making diagnoses more accurate and treatment plans more effective. Many volunteer physicians, technicians, and nurses have extended their aid to save lives of patients in these depressed regions.

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