Medical Library

Because heart disease is among the leading causes of death around the world, St. Joseph Medical Fund has found ways to alleviate this, and to extend the needed assistance for residents of developing countries. These people are more prone to cardiac deaths particularly because medical aid is lacking, and that resources are very limited. This is why the organization and its many volunteer doctors, technicians, and nurses, have dedicated their work to provide cardiac care to these regions.

In addition to that, medical resources or references are very important when it comes to diagnosing patients and finding treatments. To be able to assist the cardiologists and volunteers of the medical missions, St. Joseph Medical Fund has put up a medical library for their access. This library is open for volunteers, employees, as well as visitors, and it is equipped with computers and internet connection. The library houses several medical reference books, scientific journals, and other forms of literature on updated health topics. The information that can be gathered from this library can greatly contribute to the prevention of heart disease, treatment of cardiac conditions, as well as care and rehabilitation of patients.

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