Help-A-Neighbor program

For many years, the St. Joseph Medical Fund has found ways to offer a brighter future for many people across the country and around the world. The programs of the group aim to provide support to communities that are in great need of medical and financial assistance. The Help-A-Neighbor Program of the organization encourages generous persons to make a donation as a means of sponsoring a poor neighbor.

Here are some of the ways by which the Help-A-Neighbor Program can assist members of needy communities;

Education – School is one privilege that not all children can enjoy, which is why the program sees it as a priority. Donations can be used to put a child through elementary school, or to assist a young man or young lady get a diploma from high school or even college.

Nutrition – Starvation in many communities is a serious problem, and it is something that donations can help alleviate. Through the program, the needy can now be fed, with options to keep themselves healthy and free from disease.

Healthcare – Many people become sick because of the lack of resources to help maintain their health. Through donations, young and old community members alike can access medicines and needed treatments for various conditions.

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