Free Clothing for the Needy

One of the most important necessities for humans, besides food and shelter, is clothing. Around the world, several families in developing countries do not have enough clothes to wear everyday. In addition to that, these families from nations that have been struck by calamities such as war, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like have very little resources to start anew. Even in our own county, the United States, people wear the same clothes every single day because they have nothing to wear.

There are many people across the globe who have piles of unused clothing in their closets. If there was only some way these could be productive, and not go to waste. Knowing this, the St. Joseph Medical Fund found a way to make use of these articles of clothing, and to help those in need. Donations from kind hearts can truly make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children in other places who really need clothes to wear.

St. Joseph Medical Fund has established programs to encourage several communities to donate used clothing. The organization also facilitates the collection of donated items, and prepares them for distribution to depressed communities and other areas. With donors working hand in hand with the St. Joseph Medical Fund, those who used to be unclothed will be given a new hope.  Visit A Robe For Joseph for more information.

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