Free Annual Medical Check-up

Included among the many programs conducted by the St. Joseph Medical Fund is the free annual medical check up. There are people who are unable to afford Health Care, and can’t even afford to see their doctor when they aren’t feeling well. Many volunteer nurses, doctors, and technicians extend their support in making medical examinations possible for patients who otherwise have no resources or access to medical care.

What is the purpose of an annual medical check up? In truth, this routine is not reserved only for those who are sick, but rather, even the healthiest of patients should undergo it at least once a year. Finding out your current health state helps physicians determine the best ways to treat any existing conditions as well as to maintain your health. Because the residents of developing countries have limited access to immediate medical help, there is indeed a great need for annual check ups to be done in these communities.

For physicians and other volunteers to be able to successfully conduct the annual medical check ups, St. Joseph Medical Fund ensures that they have all the needed medical supplies, equipment, laboratory tests, books, and references. All these help provide accurate diagnoses and more effective modes of treatments for patients. Through free medical check ups, this allows early intervention before problems become too big to hangle.

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