About Us

Research from the World Health Organization has shown that cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of deaths around the world, taking the lives of millions per year. In addition to this, the incidence of cardiac disease is more prevalent in developing countries, where access to adequate medical facilities is very limited. There is indeed a great need for volunteers to provide medical aid to the underprivileged.

With this realization, St. Joseph Medical Fund began. Founded in Maryland, the organization has aimed to improve the way of life for many communities, through the provision of medical aid and support. Because many developing nations around the world are lacking in the proper knowledge and treatments for cardiac diseases, volunteer physicians, nurses, and technicians use their skills to make their health goals a reality. For this organization, helping those in need is an ongoing process, and not a one-time effort to be done.

St. Joseph Medical Fund also gives support to the many volunteers who devote their time and effort to help save lives of cardiac patients in depressed regions. This organization also provides limited assistance with meals, transportation, and lodging for medical volunteers. Additional supplies like books, medical journals, computers, and others are also made available to aid the doctors, technicians, and nurses in the accomplishment of their tasks. A library of resources, medical equipment, as well as laboratory facilities are also included to ensure that the needed help will be delivered to cardiac patients in these areas. Through donations and funding, volunteers from all over are given an experience to teach and learn, while at the same time enhancing their skills through medical practice.

To date, St. Joseph Medical Fund continues to reach out to several communities in developing countries around the world, with the help of devoted volunteers in the practice of cardiology providing the needed care for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

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